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Dispositifs mobiles (PDA, Smartphone, ...)
Guide de survie du débutant sous Linux : Livre html on-line et en français...


Squeak An open source Smalltalk dialect
ESUG European Smalltalk Users Group
Ubiquitous Computing A (not so) new computing paradigm
AgentLink Co-ordination Action for Agent Based Computing
Science and Research Point of view, News, Documents
Volley-Ball I'm member of the Volley-Ball Club of Cuincy

People I work with

Dr Noury Bouraqadi Assistant Professor at EMD
Dr Abdelhak-Djamel Seriai Assistant Professor at EMD
Dr Gautier Bastide Post-Doc at EMD
Sylvain Chardigny Ph.D Student at EMD
Pr Olivier Boissier Professor at EMSE
Dr Laurent Vercouter Assistant Professor at EMSE
Tuan Van Le Ph.D Student at EMD
Nicolay Suslov Ph.D Student at EMD

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