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I am a Post-Doctoral researcher on Open Dynamic Distributed Systems. My current work deals with:
  • service-oriented architecture (SOA, middleware)
  • component-based engineering and re-engineering (CBSE, ...)
  • distributed computing (cluster, scientific computations, simulations, ...)
  • mobile robotics (multi-agent systems, self-adaptive agents, ...)
  • ubiquitous computing (ad hoc network, context-awareness, deployment infrastructure, ...)
The post-doc is assigned the study and the development of a software platform for open distributed systems. This platform will be assessed using concrete applications related to the VerySmalltalk project and particularly to scientific computing. The scientific computing application example is to be built for colleagues from the department of civil and environmental engineering (CEE). The starting point of this application is a set of scientific software that compute material physical properties. These software were developed in C by people from the CEE and partners and weren't meant to interact initially. The targeted platform should allow to address this issue and allow users to make computations involving at least two softwares. For instance, a hydration software may collaborate through the platform with an elasticity software in order to compute the evolution of elasticity according to hydration.

The platform to develop is actually a new version of UbiquiTalk. Besides distributed computing, UbiquiTalk targets applications in ubiquitous computing and multi-robot systems.


I am a Ph.D candidate at Ecole des Mines de Douai (France) under the supervision of Noury BOURAQADI (Dr), Laurent VERCOUTER (Dr) et Olivier BOISSIER (Pr). The goal of my thesis is to propose a model to build component-based agents for ubiquitous computing. My work deals with:
  • component-based programming
  • dynamic adaptation of component-based applications
  • automatic assembling of component-based softwares
  • deployment of component-based applications on mobile computers (laptop, PDA, ...)
  • building agents by assembling software components
  • ambient computing
Keywords: self-adaptation, self-assembling, component-based software engineering (CBSE), multi-agent systems (MAS), pervasive computing, software architecture, architecture description language (ADL), ...
Achievements: MaDcAr, MaDcAr-Agent, AutoFractal, ...

French version

Je suis doctorant à l'Ecole des Mines de Douai, sous la direction de Noury BOURAQADI (Dr), Laurent VERCOUTER (Dr) et Olivier BOISSIER (Pr). Ma thèse porte sur la construction d'agent à base de composants logiciels pour l'informatique ubiquiste. Les problèmes que j'étudie tournent autour de :
  • la programmation par composants
  • l'adaptation dynamique d'applications à base de composants
  • l'assemblage automatique de logiciels à base de composants
  • le déploiement d'application à base de composants sur des dispositifs mobiles (PC portable, PDA, ...)
  • la construction d'agents par assemblage de composants
  • l'informatique ambiante (ambiant computing)
Mots clés : auto-adaptation, auto-assemblage, génie logiciel orienté composant, systèmes multi-agent (SMA), informatique diffuse, architecture logicielle, langage de description d'architecture (ADL), MaDcAr, MaDcAr-Agent, ...
Réalisations : MaDcAr, MaDcAr-Agent, AutoFractal, ...

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