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Tuesday, 27th

Esug conference, Day 1

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The first day of the conference. Stephan Ducasse is giving a short introduction ...

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Andy Barry explaining how to talk to users

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Alexandre Bergel trying to get the Lego Mindstore Robot to do something

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A talk about 'Fine Grained Access Control Pattern' done by Alfred Wullschleger

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Stephane Ducasse welcoming all to the ESUG Smalltalk Conference

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You Can? Do That With Smalltalk! Can You? Lessons From The Past - Challenges For The Future (Dave Thomas)

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Smalltalk in Large-Scale Enterprise Architectures (Rob Vens)

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New Model for Smalltalk: the Trait Model (Nathanael Schaerli)

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GNU Smalltalk (Open Source session) (Paolo Bonzini)

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The Squeak Demo (Open Source session) (Stephane Ducasse)

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Swiki demo (Open Source session) (Samir Saidani)

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Smalltalk/X (Klaus Gittinger)

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Andy Berry talk
Alexandre Bergel talk
Paolo Bonzini talk
Stéphane Ducasse talk
Samir Saidani talk
Claus Gittinger talk

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