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Open Positions

Post-doctoral position "Distributed constraint reasoning for virtual power plant"

// Context

The liberalization of electricity market and the massive introduction of
Distributed Generation (DG) (wind turbine, photovoltaic panels, micro
turbine generators...) induce many issues in the power management system
of electrical networks. Currently, all management tasks of a power grid
(operation, optimization, planning and supervision) are performed
through a central process. Recent researches have investigated the use
of multi-agent systems in power grids.

// Subject

This post-doctoral position aims to study the benefits of multi-agent
systems for a large-scale deployment of many small DGs and their
integration in a virtual power plant. More precisely, the candidate
will develop multi-agent coordination mechanisms based on distributed
constraint reasoning (DCR). DCR provides a promising framework to deal
with distributed real-world problems involving variables and constraints
shared by different agents. DisCSP / DCOP models will be developped in
collaboration with partners working on the electrical engineering part
of the project.

// Skills and qualifications

Candidates should have a PhD in multi-agent systems and / or constraint
reasoning. Experiences with disCSP / DCOP solving is expected.
Experiences in Electrical Engineering would be appreciated.

The position will be for a period of 18 months starting from september
2010, located in Douai, France. The salary will depend on qualifications
and experience.

Candidates are invited to send as soon as possible, a CV and a covering
letter to: and

For further details, please contact