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PhD Position: Space and Time Efficiency for Unanticipated Dynamic Adaptation

Application to Building Agents for Ubiquitous Computing


The goal of this PhD is to participate to the design and development of VerySmallTalk a software infrastructure dedicated to ubiquitous computing. VerySmallTalk is aimed to be a solution to unanticipated dynamic adaptation dealing with resource scarcity. Unanticipated and dynamic adaptation can be dealt with using reflection and meta-level programming. However, because of constraints on available resources, reflective operations should introduce only a very little overhead (few memory and CPU cycles)

As an application, we will study the use of VerySmallTalk to build software agents for multi-agent systems for ubiquitous computing. Such agents take into account resource constraints in their decision making process.

Administrative Information and Applications

The PhD is funded by a grant of the École des Mines de Douai (about 1250 Euros per month) starting by October 2005. The PhD student will be member of the Computer Science Lab at Douai (France) and will be supervised by Dr. Noury Bouraqadi (GIP – Ecole des Mines de Douai), Pr. Stéphane Ducasse (LISTIC, Université de Savoie), and Dr. Serge Stinckwich. (GREYC/CNRS, Université de Caen).

Potential candidates should send by email to the following information and documents:

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