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Media for ESUG 2009 conference

Pictures, Videos & Blogs




Description of the Innovation Technology Awards submissions (in alphabetical order)

Presentations slides

Most presentations are also on slideshare.

Welcome and Introduction by N. Bouraqadi, S. Ducasse, L. Lagadec, A. Plantec
Smalltalk is hot by George Heeg
GemStone Update by James Foster

Monday (31/08) morning

Experiments with Pro-Active Declarative Meta-Programming by Verónica Uquillas Gómez
Smalltalk Metaprogramming supports Probabilistic Program Analysis by Dave Mason
SqueakSave An Automatic Object-Relational Mapping Framework by Michael Haupt
Proposals for the Reborn Pharo Developer by Simon Denier, Damien Pollet and stephane ducasse.

Monday (31/08) afternoon

A Process Oriented Development Flow for Wireless System Networks by Bernard Pottier, Guillaume Kremer and Jimmy Osmont
Diagnosis and semi-automatic correction of detected design inconsistencies in source code by Sergio Castro, Johan Brichau and Kim Mens
Supporting Incremental Changes in Large Models by Jannik Laval, Simon Denier, Stephane Ducasse and Andy Kellens
Lumiere : a Novel Framework for Rendering 3D graphics in Smalltalk by Fernando Olivero, Michele Lanza and Romain Robbes
GIPA by Reinier van Oosten
Simulation of percolation models by Guillermo Amaral
An educational Role Playing Game by Mathias Rouan
Maispion: a Mailing List and Version Control Repository Mining Tool by Francois Stephany, Tom Mens and Tudor Girba.
Tackling Software Navigation Issues of the Smalltalk IDE by David Röthlisberger, Oscar Nierstrasz and Alexandre Bergel.
Smalltalk in Moodle by Jan Bartelsen.
Meteoroid. Towards a real MVC for the Web by Juan Lautaro Fernández, Santiago Robles, Andrés Fortier, Stéphane Ducasse, Gustavo Rossi and Silvia Gordillo
CLIC: A Component Model Symbotic with Smalltalk by Noury Bouraqadi, and Luc Fabresse
Pharo by Stéphane Ducasse

Tuesday (1/09) Morning

Build Your Own Browser with Glamour in 15 min by L. Renggli, P. Bunge, and T. Girba
Security on JIT by R. Gerardo
Keeping up With the Jonese: Building out from Smalltalk by J.Robertson
Seaside Tutorial by J. Fitzell and L. Renggli
JQuery in Seaside
Seaside news

Tuesday (1/09) Afternoon

Probe debugging by D. Picard
Deltastreams: changesets on Steroids by Goran Krampe
When flexibility backfires by Yann Monclair
Just in Time Resourcing by N. Ross
Complex Values by C. Haider

Wednesday (02/09) Afternoon

CloudFork - Flying into the Cloud with Smalltalk by E. Micklei, J. van de Sandt
Thales Smalltalk Usage: PicUnit case by V. Verbeque, J.-P. Mével, E. Le Pors, L. Bellier
Detecting Cycles with DSM by J. Laval
From Print Design to Web Design by R. Wagener
Retrobjects - Fun with C64 and NES by Gabriel E. Honoré
Smalltalks 2008 Coding Contest by Andrés Valloud
Smalltalk on iPhone by J. McIntosh
Project Planning by T. Mackinnon

Thusday (03/09) Afternoon

How to be rich with Smalltalk.ppt
How can we get the most out of our modern CPU’s? by Arden Thomas

Friday (04/09) Morning

VASmalltalk, Today and Tomorrow by John O'Keefe
Mutation Testing by Hernán Wilkinson
Object Studio 8.2: News Update by Dirk Verleysen
Experience with AIDAWeb by Herbert König